Andy Boyles REALTOR®

Andy Boyles REALTOR® Brand Development Package

Category: Brand Planning / Design / Technology

A Personal & Savvy Agent

Andy Boyles approached the claybrook concepts team needing a full brand make-over. His old brand – tired, lacking congruency and differentiation – needed some assistance. We came to the rescue.

In a market where Realtors are a dime a dozen, Andy needed desperately to stick out with Brand Positioning, Strategy, and Messaging.

Visual Standards, Strong Foundation

We started by creating a brand identity that was modern and professional, stark in color and bold in flavor. The end product brings instant name recognition and allows a strong platform to visually communicate the language of the new Andy Boyles brand.

Our team created print materials via graphic design to communicate a congruent brand throughout all touch points with customers.

The brand strategy was built around Andy as a person. Incorporating the black and white photo where applicable, we developed a Andy-centric brand that is both personal and savvy, allowing customers to feel confident in him as their Realtor.

Responsive, Web App

Our team created a custom web app which connects to the MLS via RETS, one of the Missouri Realtor® database systems available to the industry. The web design implemented is congruent with his brand, fully responsive for future-proof mobile viewing, and presents a highly powerful way for Andy to engage his client base.

Visit the website here:

Services Rendered

  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Naming & Messaging
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Print Materials
  • Technology - Responsive Website
  • Promotional Video
  • SEO Consultation

Client Benefits

  • The client benefited greatly from the fluid and congruent brand. He was looking for a new brand look throughout all his touch points with his customers – that is what Andy received.
  • The newly developed responsive website allows for his customers to gain access to his listings with ease and conveinance.
  • Andy now has a listings presentation employing key concepts of brand building and promoting strong customer relations with his brand through graphic design.

This is Andy Boyles brand identity (logo).

Andy Boyles REALTOR® business card. The printing process included foil text on the business card to highlight Andy's information and logo.

Andy Boyles REALTOR® color scheme and acceptable color variations. Key color scheme design is critical in logo creation and use of graphic design.

Andy Boyles REALTOR® listings brochure. This is a prime example of brand touch points being developed to bring fluid and creative touch points for customers. This brochure will be put in front of homes, posted electronically on facebook, and handed out to make a great brand experience for his customers.

Andy Boyles REALTOR® listings packet. These are two of the pages from the newly developed listings packet for Andy Boyles. The packet is utilized in client meetings and is another example of print materials that use creative graphic design to make effective brand touch points.