Aptora Internet Commercials

Category: Brand Planning / Motion

Video Brand Touch-Points

Aptora hired our team to develop two videos to act as Internet Promos / Commercials, bringing clarity to both the Aptora brand and the Aptora Mobile II product. Aptora needed a engaging avenue to develop customers knowledge base about their brand and their new product release. Video was the perfect format.

Brand Messaging & Motion Graphics

We developed both of the concepts and helped to develop brand messaging within the videos. Our team also developed a string of in-depth live video and motion graphic integration in the Aptora About Us video describing the company’s brand identity.


Services Rendered

  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Positioning
  • Promo Video
  • Motion Graphics

Client Benefits

  • Aptora utilized our services to produce two Internet Commercials which were used to help their end-users develop understanding of Aptora products.
  • The videos were an online video tool allowing customers to gain important insight into Aptora products while making buying decisions.
  • The promotional videos acted as a strong tool to help develop brand clarity.

The Internet Promo Video created here was produced in Kansas City, MO. The final product has heavy motion graphic elements integrated within.

The following Internet Promo Video was produced in Kansas City, MO. It covers the power of Aptora's Total Office Manager product, Aptora Mobile II.