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Columbia College Cougar Traditions

Category: Brand Planning / Motion

Engaging a College Campus with Promo Videos

Columbia College approached the claybrook concepts team in need of a video resource that would act as a guiding force in a new Day Campus Spirit and Traditions campaign happening at their main campus in Columbia, MO. The College was looking for a strategic way to engage both on-campus and off-campus students, motivating them to engage with the local Columbia, MO campus life.

A Campus Wide Campaign Centered Around Video

We worked with the College over the course of 13 months to produce a video full of engaging motion graphics and compelling live event footage. The video is being used to tell the story of the College’s rich history of traditions while showing the modern day vibrancy within the present day College atmosphere. The video was launched with a host of other print and web campaigns to demonstrate the life on the campus and to effectively engage the student body.

Services Rendered

  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Promo Video
  • Live Event Video
  • Motion Graphics

Client Benefits

  • Columbia College was able to capture the plethera of Day Campus traditions, some of which have been around for over half a century.
  • The College has used this video in live event presentations as well as online video promotion platforms including an up-and-coming online traditions platform.

This promo video was developed to showcase the rich traditions at Columbia College's Day Campus in Columbia, MO. The video encompasses live event video footage and motion graphics spanning over 12 months of production.