Columbia College

Columbia College Reunion Weekend

Category: Motion

Live Event Coverage, Compelling Promo Video

The claybrook concepts team was comissioned by Columbia College to cover the 50th Anniversary of the Columbia College Alumni Association at the 2014 Reunion Weekend festivities. Our team covered a weekend of live events and produced a recap video and five 1-hour long DVDs of each of the events.

View a highligt reel of the weekends events to the right.

Services Rendered

  • Live Event Video
  • Promo Video

Client Benefits

  • The claybrook concepts team covered the weekend long event, producing a final recap video along with 5, 1-hour long event DVDs including minute-for-minute coverage of different festivities throughout the weekend.
  • Columbia College was able to chronicle their 50th CCAA weekend event to keep for years to come in their archives.

This recap video was a part of the 2014 Columbia College Alumni Association Reunion Weekend celebration. It is a recap of the weekends events. The production included live event video coverage at the Columbia, MO campus.