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Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration Identity

Category: Brand Planning / Design / Technology

Brand, Built Brick by Brick

Ty Berglund, owner of Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration, approached the claybrook concepts team at the conception of his business pursuit. This is our favorite place to start: from scratch.

We were able to consult Ty with strategy in his brand naming, tagline creation, service offering communications, brand identity (logo) creation, all print materials, and website presence to lay the foundation of his business. This allowed for maximum flexibility and strength.

Knowing Your Identity

Ty had a great vision of marrying two trades within masonry work that are typically separate: new masonry and restoration. With his experience, Ty is able to offer the best of both worlds. We aided Ty in communicating this through naming and communications, creating a brand identity and visual icon language which reinforced these principles of his brand.

From color to iconography, we developed this brand with tact and strategy in mind.

Fresh Pixels, Digital & Print

We developed a fully responsive website design for Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration, allowing viewers on all platforms to locate them and interact with a fluid experience on all devices. The visual language was fully employed in this website presence.

Our team also developed print materials for measured initial outreach. Business cards and door hangers, allows for a seamless design and experience for customers with Ty’s brand.

Visit the website here:

Services Rendered

  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Print Materials
  • Technology - Responsive Website

Client Benefits

  • Ty at Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration needed an impressive brand identity (logo), print materials, and website to interact with his customers from a place of confidence. This is what he received.
  • The responsive web design and website development presents a user-friendly way for customers to access his website on any device.
  • Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration now has a brand presence that easily competes in professionalism and effectiveness with the masonry industry in Columbia, MO and surrounding Missouri areas.

This is the brand identity (logo) for Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration. An optimal use of graphic design to achieve a simple, effective, and attractive business identity to stick out in the Columbia, MO market.

The Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration brand identity (logo) comes with an additional brandmark for other applications. Another variation created through graphic design to make Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration a premier masonry resource in Columbia, MO.

Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration responsive web design. This site was designed to show off work and communicate service offerings through effective web design. It is a responsive website and an innovative web design structure in the Columbia, MO market.

Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration responsive web design. Another view of the hompage and results page. This is effective web design structure in the Columbia, MO market.

Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration business card. Both the graphic design and the business card printing utilized visual and textural effects to make the card feel gritty. This further communicates the brand identity (logo) aesthetics and brand concept.

Custom Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration iconography (icon order: Masonry, Restoration, Best of Both Worlds). These icons were created by marrying graphic design and brand strategy / messaging to achieve effective services offerings to their customers.

Craftsmen Masonry & Restoration door hangers. A great touch point that has resulted in high conversions from graphic design and print materials in Columbia, MO masonry market.