Dave Recker - The Mule Enthusiast

Dave Recker Mule Enthusiast Training DVDs

Category: Brand Planning / Design / Motion

DVD Production, Start to Finish

Dave Recker is The Mule Enthusiast. Dave commissioned the claybrook concepts team to produce a 50 minute training DVD teaching amateur mule and horse owners “How to Teach Your Mule to Lie Down” as well as “How to Catch the Hard to Catch Mule”. The DVDs acts as a step-by-step guide to show any equine owner the process of getting their animal to lie down upon a simple, tapping command, as well as how to train them to trust you and not run.

Ready for Nationwide Retail Sales

Our team was responsible for the entire video production from start to finish. We also managed the package design and mass production. The logo identity (Dave Recker’s Mule Enthusiast) was also created for this project by the claybrook concepts team.

The video segment here portrays the Introduction plus the Necessary Equipment used in the DVD. It is only a taste of the full, 50-minute DVD collection.

Services Rendered

  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Training Video
  • Informational Video
  • Motion Graphics
  • DVD Production

Client Benefits

  • Our team developed an entire two DVD set from start to finish including the video production, packaging design, product messaging, and the manufacturing of the disks.
  • Dave was able to jump start his brand with a reliable and quality product fully prepared for nationwide retail sales.

This video segment is the introduction to Dave Recker Mule Enthusiast's Training DVD, "How to Teach Your Mule to Lie Down". The segment is a part of a 45 minute full DVD presentation produced in Columbia, MO.

These are title screen shots from the Motion Graphic elements of this local, Columbia, MO video production.

These are screen shots of the video production done in Columbia, MO for Dave's first DVD, "Teaching Your Mule to Lie Down". The second image is a screenshot of the motion graphic animated lower third titling seen throughout the DVDs.

These last two screen shots are of the second DVD, "How to Catch the Hard To Catch Mule". This DVD was also a local, Columbia, MO video production. You may find more information and purchase both full DVDs here: themuleenthusiast.com/

This logo design is a part of the identity system developed for Dave Recker, The Mule Enthusiast. Dave is a local Columbia, MO Mule and Horse trainer with national recognition for his skillset and abilities.