La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita Identity & Print Materials

Category: Brand Planning / Design

Life’s Sweetest Moments

Theresa Kuhn of the St. Louis, MO area approached the claybrook concepts team with the need for a deliciously simple brand. Beginning with naming strategy, we sought to create a brand that captured Theresa’s elegant cake design through overall naming, business category creation, and tagline creation.

La Dolce Vita – “the sweet life” was this solution and Cakery as a business heading was the application.

We created a custom brand identity (logo), business cards, and social media presence to give this small start-up all it needed to approach her industry with confidence, creating cakes for life’s sweetest moments.

Services Rendered

  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Print Materials
  • Technology - Responsive Website

Client Benefits

  • The client received naming and brand identity (logo) foundations to bring about an upscale Cakery brand in the St. Louis, MO area through strategy and graphic design.

This is the brand identity (logo) for La Dolce Vita Cakery. The identity presents a strong foundation to approach the client's St. Louis, MO market through graphic design.

La Dolce Vita Cakery brand identity color scheme.

La Dolce Vita business card. Professionalism and sophistication were implemented in the graphic design and print materials to further elevate the status of the brand for the St. Louis, MO area.