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claybrook concepts is a brand agency in Columbia, Missouri providing services in comprehensive brand building with an emphasis in brand planning, technology, design, motion, and love.

Our approach harnesses many different skillsets to bring your business a wholistic partner for your creative needs.

Please take a moment to familirize yourself with the various individual services we offer:

Brand Positioning
Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
Brand Messaging
Web Development
Responsive Web
Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Custom CMS
Brand Identity
Collateral Items
Print Campaigns
Web Campaigns
Promotional Video
Motion Graphics
Explainer Videos
Training Videos
Informational Videos
Event Videos

services - overview


We Build Brands

Your brand is the opinion formed over time from the sum total of connections an individual has with your company, product, or service.

In other words, your brand is more than your logo; your brand is what your customers think about you.

claybrook concepts helps your business plan and create all of the connections your customers have with your brand.

From your brand name to your website, your logo to your Internet video campaign, we walk your business through brand building.

services - planning


We See the Big Picture

We pair our creative and planning abilities to bring you more than marketing materials – we bring strategy and a long‑term picture for growth.

Brand Positioning

Pulling from your expertise, we undergo the process of differentiating your company in the mind of your consumers - helping you to stick out and gain market advantage.
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Brand Architecture

Adding or removing a product? Acquiring a new business? We help with the structuring of your brand - both in idea and the visual outworking.
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Brand Strategy

Working together with you, we create a systematic plan to develop your brand. We unify your vision, your visual presence, and your customer’s experience.
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Brand Messaging

The tone, content, and delivery of your messaging is important. We work alongside you to develop appropriate communications for your strategy and your industry.
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services - technology


Everything Web & Mobile

These days, consumers are on the web and they have gone mobile. We create websites and applications to meet your clients where they are, taking you where you want to be.

Custom Web Development

The web is increasingly useful for reaching customers and increasing profits. We specialize in highly custom websites to fit your business needs, reach customers, and drive profits.
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Future-Proof, Responsive Sites

Countless viewers with countless numbers of screen sizes access your website daily. Our speciality is ensuring their experience, navigation, and interaction are optimal with Responsive Website development.
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Learn more about Responsive

Web & Mobile Applications

We believe the web should be useful. Through understanding your business, we develop highly effective website and mobile applications for internal and external use, increasing profits and driving productivity.
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Learn more about Applications

eCommerce Websites

We develop custom eCommerce websites to make your online store front come alive. Utilizing user-interface (UI) and user-experience (UX) design, we ensure conversions and results.
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WordPress & Custom CMS

Business changes and so to do the needs of your website content. Every website we build comes with a WordPress or Custom CMS back-end for editing content with ease (as easy as editing your facebook).
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services - technology / responsive


All Shapes, All Sizes

There are hundreds of screen sizes in today’s mobile market. Your customers are accessing your site on all of them.

To ensure they are seeing the right content, we develop sites with Responsive Design, rescaling the content to the viewers exact screen and displaying it properly evertime.

services - technology / wordpress


As Easy As Facebook

We believe in empowering our cllients. In web, Content Management Systems (CMS) provide empowerment for full, non‑code control of your webiste independent of monthly fees.

We are highliy proficent in WordPress and our own Custom CMS options to give you as much control over your website as you desire. Change the colors, change the text, change it all in a CMS as simple to operate as your facebook.

services - technology / applications


Design & Development

Our team understands the importance of quality User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design in web and app development. We marry our extensive design and development knowledge to bring you cutting edge technology.

Apps take your brand’s customer connection to the next level – increasing connection and placing your brand in your customer’s pocket, daily. This level of connection is the future of brand development.

services - design


Vision Where It Counts

Design is at the heart of all our services. We value insightful, congruent, and effective design. Pair these values with our creativity and your business has a recipe for success.

Brand Identity Design

Your brand identity or logo is the single most important touch point of your brand. TWe plan and design your logo around you and your market, allowing you to do business with confidence.
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Collateral Design

Business cards, letterhead, envelopes – we pair these business essentials with your new logo design to allow for fluid customer experience. We also customize other print documents to your liking.
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Print & Online Campaigns

As an agency, we are able to harness all our areas of expertise for full campaign creations in all formats. Through Design, we create and launch full print and online campaigns.
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services - motion


We Are Brand Storytellers

Your customers are increasingly busy. Your brand needs ways to grab their attention and tell your story. Our video services provide innovative solutions for your brand storytelling needs.

Promotional Video

Visually promoting your business, product, or service is one of the most powerful ways to communicate a message to your customers. We are highly proficent in the art of promotional video work.
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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are visuals of the future. Compelling and concise, this story telling tool is an innovative way to increase the effectiveness of your video needs.
View example of Motion GraphicsLearn more about Motion Graphics

Explainer Videos

Drawing upon Motion Graphics, Explainer videos are a recent genre of promotional video which explain a product, service or business in a short span of time. This is a great way to replace dull text content on your website.
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Training Videos

Our training videos present engaging methods of teaching your employees or industry critical information for your trade. We specialize in making the complexity of your industry simple.
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Informational Videos

We specialize in taking highly technical content and creating accessible video descriptions for optimal understanding for both industry and public use.
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Event Video

Corporate events, live performances, and more - our event video coverage is rooted in years of experience. This service dates back to our conception as videographers.
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services - motion / motion graphics

Motion Graphics

Visuals of the Future

Motion Graphics present a highly innovative way to tell stories. Compelling and concise, this emerging storytelling tool can act as a key compenent to telling your brands story.

Our team utilizes Motion Graphic elements integrated in live video formats for hightened communication abilities and production quality. We also produce solely Motion Graphic explainer and informational videos.